Why REACH? Founder’s Story

I’ve been in Uganda for three years and have seen firsthand the plight of the country’s youth. Uganda has about 46 million people, and resources get stretched to the breaking point for many of them.

As a developing country, Uganda has a promising future as the Pearl of Africa. However, it has yet to fully live up to its reputation as the Pearl of Africa. While many things are not as they should be, there is great hope and expectation in a new generation of Ugandans. The majority of this country’s citizens are under the age of thirty. As a result, Uganda will continue to be a youth-oriented society.

Founder's Story
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However, today’s youth, who will be the leaders of tomorrow, are hungry for change. They no longer want to be cheated out of a promising future. They can no longer afford to postpone dreams of a long-overdue brighter future in exchange for a distant day fraught with uncertainty. This generation desires them now to be viable in Ugandan society.

Some years ago, God showed me a vision of a home in Africa where a group of mothers in the house was walking in a circle in the living room.

The women were all wearing what appeared to be black and white striped prison clothes, and then, in the back of the living room, I saw children in cubicles like pens as they sat there in silence. I knew that these were the children of those mothers. They marched aimlessly in a circle around the room in complete silence.

Today, I believe I have met some of those mothers. The ones in the vision were the only types God used to make me aware of the mission.

REACH is intended to reach these children and mothers for God and Uganda to prepare today’s children to be future leaders. Many will not have a chance to become Uganda’s future hope without our help. Mothers have too many responsibilities and find themselves imprisoned in their circumstances.

If we want these children to succeed in life, we must help them break the cycles of inability, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and witchcraft. And if we are to progress, we must start working right away – let’s get started.

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